We’ve made the decision; we’ve set a date!  After 5 years of planning and toying with the idea we have a plan to head south this year sometime shortly after Labour Day weekend.  We hope to spend the winter exploring the Bahamas with no firm destinations decided beyond that.  

Currently we’re spending our days making TONS of lists.  What work has to happen on the boat before we go, what work would we like to happen before we leave, what do we need to take with us in terms of spares, what kind of medical kit should we carry, what needs to be sorted regarding our rental property? (this is just the beginning of the lists…)  When we’re not making lists, we’re trying to check things off the list – some things are obviously more important than others, but some things need are dependant on the availability and expertise of others.  The plan has us here in Toronto for less than 7 more weeks – that’s not a lot of time to get ourselves together, clear out our storage locker and visit with everyone we want to spend time with before we go.  I’m afraid if I set out a list of everything and then assign it a date and time to get done, I’ll discover we don’t have nearly enough time to do it all… And that might send me into a panic.  So, for now, it’s one day at a time.  

The important thing is we set the date.

5 thoughts on “Decided

  1. I’m not good at doing the replys yet. We are more than grateful that you are well. Clearly, your capability and care is there. xxxooo Mum and Dad.

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