Hauling Out

It’s been almost two years to the day since our boat GRACE was last out of the water. In July 2013, Tim flew to Deltaville, VA to be present for the in water portion of the purchase survey we had scheduled for Grace.

It was a nerve-racking weekend for each of us. To start with, Tim doesn’t usually travel alone. Generally he doesn’t have the first clue about where he is going or how to get there, I handle all those details. The thought of sending Tim off the airport by himself, sent shivers through me. I gave him loads of printed instructions and our iPad with GPS to help him get from Washington to Deltaville in his rental car. Long story short, he made it. 🙂   After a successful engine test and short sail on the Chesapeake, the deal was done and we completed the purchase of our new Moody.

Two years later, we’re hauling the boat here in Toronto to repaint the bottom with anti fouling, complete some varnishing jobs (without the dog and all the accompanying dog hair on board!) and replace the o rings on our rudder – hopefully this will put an end to the small amount of water finding it’s way into the boat thru the rudder post. We have a busy schedule that has us out of the water for 7 days. However, I suspect it will take a few days more…

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