Tossing off the dock lines

It’s hard to set a date to actually leave.  It’s not like when you book an airline or train ticket and you have to be somewhere at a certain time on a certain date and you leave – you get on the plane or train and you GO.  Here on the boat, we decided, some time ago, that we’d leave after labour day weekend.  This was because we wanted to spend the summer here in TO and enjoy the summer weather and fun at home.  Our niece, Avery, was also scheduled for surgery just before the long weekend and we wanted to be here to see her after and know all went well and she was good.  About a week ago we moved our plans up to leave Friday night.  We made the switch because we have friends along the way we’d like to see and hope by giving ourselves a couple of extra days on Lake Ontario, we can make this happen.

So here we are, it’s Friday of the Labour Day weekend – Avery is fine, and we are ready to go.  Mentally that is.  Physically the boat is a mess, we have two cars to deliver, we’re not packed, oil is coming out the exhaust when we motor and we only applied for health insurance about two hours ago.  I think we’re scrapping the plans to leave for an anchorage tonight.  Maybe tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “Tossing off the dock lines

    • We had Robert at the marina come by and look at the engine, he said the smell and black streaks were caused by fuel not being burnt properly. He said it was because we didn’t use it enough and with time it would get better. 🙂

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