Broken Wind Indicator?

We did it!  We left Toronto this morning!  Everything I have ever read about “leaving” is true.  The boat will never be ready, you just need to go and I am so happy to be finally underway.   We left the dock on Saturday night and headed over to Ashbridges Bay to anchor for the night.  It felt good just to be out of the marina and making a start.  After an early night, we were up and ready to haul anchor at 7:20 in the morning and make our way to Cobourg.  Luckily we spotted people up and about on the other anchored boats, so we didn’t feel too bad about starting our engine so early on a long weekend.  We spent the day motor sailing in light winds and starting a new list of things that still needed some attention.  While sitting in the cockpit, bored out of our minds (we’re motor sailing in light winds for 8 hours…) Tim decided to have a look at the manual for our apparently broken mast head wind instrument.  This tool tells us the speed and direction of the wind, however, we can usually tell where it’s coming from and make a guess at speed without it.  It’s appeared to be broken all summer.  We weren’t bothered much, figuring that we’d have a look at it when the mast was down while traveling the Erie canal.  But today, Tim had nothing else to do and it was bugging him.  After reading the manual for about 4.5 minutes, he discovered the settings were wrong and changed them – voila, it works.  Sometimes, you just need to read the manual.

IMG_3325  IMG_3322

4 thoughts on “Broken Wind Indicator?

  1. Hah! That’s awesome K! Imagine by the time you get there your boat will be totally ready to leave 😉 So happy you guys are on your way! Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Hi Kae and Tim. You are missed already. I look forward to reading about your journey’s. I am so happy the release of ropes off the dock in Toronto was successful. Tim is the modern day McGyver! He will be able to fix anything (manual or not!) Happy Travels……

  3. Sorry I missed you in Rochester last week. Where are you overnighting today, 9/16? I am driving back from Boston later today and could possibly stop for a quick visit and a toddy.

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