Rendezvous with Grand Caper

Grace was berthed in slip 4 at the Oswego Marina last Wednesday night – just one slip over from where we picked her up from our delivery captain 2 years ago!

We’d been texting back and forth with Tim’s parents for a few days, trying to figure out where and when we’d be meeting up on the canals. We knew they were making their way northbound on the Oswego canal while we were waiting for the mast to come down, but had no idea how long that would take. We were very surprised that they appeared next to our boat in the marina on their bikes! Bill and Marilyn hung around while Tim secured the mast to the deck and I took off in search of a SIM card and much desired data plan for the boat.

I choose Verizon based on 3 things… recommendations from friends, their pay as you go data plans and finally their proximity to the boat in Oswego (1.7 miles)! (Side Note: I’ve come to double the time Google says it take to travel by bike – my folding bike with it’s small wheels doesn’t make for a fast ride!)

No less than FOUR sales people helped me at Verizon. It took FOUR people to sell me a mifi hotspot and data plan… To be fair, since I had a Canadian address it was causing problems with their computer system. I would have thought more Canadians would be doing this kind of thing – I now have a 3 GB pay as you go plan for $45/mo. I guess I should cancel my Netflix subscription since I don’t have the data anymore for that addiction!

It was an easy downhill bike ride back to the marina and Tim and I headed into the canals to tie up with Grand Caper for the night. It was a fantastic visit and so very cool to meet up with them both, on our own boats, cruising our own travels. Bill and Marilyn very generously took us out for dinner that night to a fabulous Mexican place in town. You wouldn’t expect Oswego to have a great Mexican restaurant, but there it is! Being Thursday night the Margaritas were ½ price – only $3.50 each. Now who could say no to that? They were delish and so was the food. The sunset was beautiful that night and Tim and I stayed up for a bit in the cockpit for the first time feeling like this was really happening.




The next day was so lovely, I wanted to spend the next few days tied up right where we were, but if we wanted to do some of the other cool things we had planned and meet up with other friends along the way, we had to make a move. We finished our visit with lunch on Grand Caper, said our goodbyes and headed south into the canals.

P1070683 - Version 2

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