We couldn’t have timed our trip to NYC better. The weather was stunning – it didn’t just look like summer, it smelled like summer – the smell of trees, a fresh breeze, and yes this is NYC! It was unbelievable for a late September day. Picking up a mooring ball at the 79th Street Boat Basin was super easy. Not at all like our last mooring ball experience in Picton, ON last summer! In that instance we lost a boat hook and almost a few fingers trying to pick up a mooring ball. It ended with us anchoring and then using the dinghy to rig our mooring before bringing the big boat around – very embarrassing. This time it was sweet! We called the marina office on channel 9 and were told we could pick up any yellow mooring ball in the North field. There were at least three we could see as we approached and picked the one that looked like it had the most maneuvering space around it – just in case we screwed things up. Since the tide was going out, Tim motored us past our desired ball and turn up into the current. He brought us slowly along side where I easily was able to use our boat hook to pick up a long heavy mooring line and slip it easily over the starboard cleat. With one line attached it was simple to reach down and grab the second line to attach on the port side. Easy peasy, we were moored in Manhattan!


It was late morning when we arrived, so we quickly packed a picnic bag and headed to shore. First stop was Zabars for picnic food! We’d never been to Zabars before and if you are interested in food, it’s kinda a must see. The cheese dept alone is worth the visit. Anyone who knows me knows I have a weakness for cheese – and Zabars met my cheese needs PERFECTLY. I restricted my shopping to just two pieces of cheese and that required some restraint.


My second weakness is for really, really good butter. It’s not been hard to find so far on this trip, but Zabars carries my all time favourite – Echire from France – soooo yummy. With goods in hand we made a bee line for Central Park and found a spot in the sun to eat, people watch and marvel that we were able to come here on our boat. We’d dreamed of this and now it was happening. Amazing.


The next couple of days were spent walking and enjoying the sights and sounds. Since we’re on a really tight budget, we did not do any museums or major sights. We’ve been to New York many times before and didn’t really feel the need to do much. There are so many free things you can do and we wished to do, but time just seemed to slip away and we puttered around the city. We ate pizza in the street and walked until our feet were swollen.


New Yorkers love their dogs and it was so it was a thrill to bring Poppy into the city! We took her to Central Park where she was photographed by tourists with their daughter (we were mistaken for locals because of the dog!). I don’t think Pop Tart got the significance of being in NYC, but she loved the long walks and running with other dogs in the easily accessible Riverside Park.




The only regret we have is that we did not take our bikes into the city. It was so rough in the river, we could not imagine passing the bikes from the deck of the boat into the dinghy. The current moves so fast, we didn’t want to risk the dinghy moving away and a bike landing in the river!

We were awed by the sunset and amazing light over Manhattan as the sun sank behind Jersey City.  How lucky are we?




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