Where Sailors Gather

After several long days trucking the Jersey coast, Delaware Bay and the northern part of the Chesapeake, we’ve arrived in Annapolis, MD – home to the largest in water sailboat show in the USA.  Coincidentally it happens to be on this weekend!  Imagine the chances that we’d be here at the same time… Huh! (wink, wink)

And if that wasn’t enough to be grateful for, today is our 22nd wedding anniversary and we’re living our dream.   I feel pretty blessed right now.  All I need now is a teeny tiny turkey (one that fits my teeny tiny oven) for Tim and all will be well aboard the good ship Grace.

I’ll post more about the trip here and some pictures too, but right now there’s a Pusser’s Rum Painkiller awaiting me onshore.

ps. Go Jays! (14th inning…)

6 thoughts on “Where Sailors Gather

  1. Awesome to read about your adventure..have been meaning to check in for some time and just read all of the posts of the journey so far……..what an amazing xperience – and the pictures are one of a kind you only get from a boat’s vantage point. Belated Happy Anniversary…and thx for sharing…..B,S,J and S!

  2. First chance I have had to check in on you Guys. Great to see you are moving in the right direction and keeping your sense of humour. I laughed out old when I was reading of your experience in the lock at Oswego, and the foggy day in NY.
    Keep up the good work Karen, I promise to monitor your progress more closely from here on in.
    All the best to Tim and Poppy, I wish you fair winds and calm anchorages.

  3. Happy belated Anniversary!! We love reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful pictures. What an adventure you are having! Best of luck each day! 🙂 Thinking about you.

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