Canadian Thanksgiving with a Twist

Annapolis is a great place to stock up and provision the boat. We made trips to the hardware store, West Marine, grocery store and to pick up beer and wine at a beatable price. (The Budwiser worked out to $.67/can – just saying, that’s a great price!) We planned to cook ourselves a thanksgiving dinner aboard Grace, but needed a few key ingredients to make it happen. Obviously the biggest ingredient was a turkey. I suggested cooking a chicken, but that didn’t go over too well – Tim wanted a turkey, Tim loves turkey. He’s happy to have several thanksgiving dinners each year, celebrating both Canadian and American thanksgivings and doesn’t like to consider anything else for Christmas dinner either.

We knew that finding a turkey that would fit into our small oven would be challenging and Tim was agreeable to buying a turkey breast and a couple of legs and “building” ourselves a turkey. We had the required parts in our shopping cart when he discovered a whole frozen turkey that was under 8 pounds. I couldn’t say no, so we put back the fresh parts and plopped the frozen bird into the cart. With canned cranberry, jarred gravy and half a pumpkin pie our shopping was complete. We planned to cook it the next night and celebrate on the actual day.

Mar-a-largo and Mighty Fine threw a wrench into our plans when they invited us to join them in town for a lobster thanksgiving dinner! Our partially defrosted bird went back in the fridge and we excitedly said yes to the lobster invitation! Jane and Brian had friends from Toronto in town and so we were a party of eight at the restaurant. It was a great evening with lots of laughs and excellent company.


IMG_3397 IMG_3398

Tim and I cooked up our turkey dinner the next evening and enjoyed leftovers for a few days afterward. As it turns out, Tim miss-read the turkey packaging and wheat we bought was actually a “turkey breast with wings”. No turkey legs… Tim had to do some creative work with the bird in order to get it stuffed. He cut the wings off and tied them on top – it wasn’t pretty, but it sort of worked. Once on the plate it looked great and tasted just like it does at home!

IMG_3422 IMG_3424

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