We interrupt this program…

As some of you know my mum had open heart surgery last week and following the surgery there were a few complications, so Tim and I decided to park the boat for a week and make a quick trip home to visit mum and everyone else.  While I was trying to decide whether or not to fly home, Jane, on Mar-a-Largo, suggested we rent a car and drive – no luggage restrictions, relatively cheap to do, we’d have a car while we were home, and easy to bring Poppy along too!  Why didn’t I think of that?

So here we are 10 days later and Mum is doing much better and improving every day.  We’ve had a great visit with family and it’s reassuring to have seen and spent time with mum as she recovers.  We’re headed back to Georgetown, SC today to pick up the boat and resume our travels south.

Today is mostly a photo blog of things we’ve seen between the Dismal Swamp & South Carolina.


Happy hour in Beaufort with Mighty Fine and Mar-a-Largo


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