Cruisers Christmas

It was a week before Christmas and we had no plans for where to spend Christmas Day.  We’d never spent time on the south east coast of Florida before and didn’t have a clue where cruisers hung out at Christmas.   We were headed to Stuart, FL where our friends on Mighty Fine and Stray Cat had been staying for more than a week.  It was the Sunday before Christmas and they all planned to leave Stuart the next day and start moving towards Fort Myers for Christmas and we wanted to see them one more time before heading in different directions for the winter.  The only fault in our plan was that Jane & Brian on Mar-A-Largo were leaving Stuart on Sunday morning to head south for Fort Lauderdale as they were headed back to Canada for Christmas.  Since we knew Jane & Brian would be in the Bahamas in the new year we hoped we could catch up with them there.   Deb & Ron decided they wanted to see Stuart too, so Scheherazade & Grace set out together.


Scheherazade on the ICW


Craig had told us where we could anchor close to them and we found the spot easily enough – in fact we dropped our anchor right in front of Mighty Fine, within yelling distance!  Scheherazade found a spot just a little bit further away.   As we were doing our chores and tidying up, we saw a dinghy zooming through the mooring field, one of the three people was wearing a pink wind jacket and a pink baseball cap… that had to be Donna!  Along with Donna were Geraldine and Allan from Stray Cat!  It was so exciting to see them all again.  Quickly we made plans to meet them all ashore and head into town for drinks and dinner.

As soon as we got ashore, Craig said “ok, we’ll stay here for Christmas if you will”.  You bet we will!  I made him shake on it just to make sure.  We spoke with Scheherazade the next morning and they too decided to stay.  Awesome.  Christmas plans made.

We spent the next few days riding bikes, shopping and hanging out with everyone.  It was nice to be in one spot for long enough to get to know the place and really enjoy all it had to offer.

On Christmas Day all the cruisers gathered at the marina for a pot luck Christmas Day dinner.  There was tons of food – turkey, ham, stuffing, pasta salads, broccoli salad, pies etc..


The buffet line behind Craig, Ron & Deb


From left – Deb, me, Tim, Geraldine, Craig, Allan and Donna


It wouldn’t be Christmas without my grandmothers Carrot Pudding and Rum Sauce (aka, butter and rum)


Allan & Tim


Allan & Geraldine 


Me & Tim


Christmas Day sunset


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