Tim’s Bahamas Birthday

Lucky Tim had a magnificent birthday on a white sand beach surrounded by palm trees! We were still in Great Harbour Cay in the anchorage and the weather on January 25th was the best day we’d had in FOREVER!   We went for a bike ride over to the beaches and to look at the ruins of a place rumored to have been a winter party hangout owned by the Rat Pack – Frank Sinatra etc! We rode along the road looking for the signs that read “Beach Access” to have a quick stroll along the water. We found one, but the path was very overgrown and we didn’t want to fight our way to the beach, so we kept going, the next path was wide and beckoned us to the beach! We parked our bikes and headed for the water.


We walked along the beach for almost an hour when we realized it was getting late and there was a group dinghy tour at 1pm – the ruins would have to wait we had to get back and grab a bite to eat before the flotilla set off.


Dinghies waiting to set off.

There were maybe 10 dinghies that showed up for the adventure and we set off to see our first blue hole. The water went from about 15 feet to 80 feet over a cliff in the seabed floor. You could easily see the edges of where it was looking at the colour of the water. (I thought I had a picture of this, but can’t locate it!)

The group then moved on to see a small sunken airplane that had been in the water for so long it was now an artificial reef and was supposed to be a great place to snorkel or dive to see the local sea life.


You can just see a small part of the plane above the water.

Next, we headed north up the coast of the island to see two houses that were former drug headquarters. I could picture the dwellings as they once were, rather pretty with huge windows overlooking the turquoise water and charming stone fireplaces (not sure why you need a fireplace in the Bahamas…). We joked that it would be hilarious to build a house back home based on the floor plans of the drug lord’s house it was such a fantastic layout!



Landing near the drug houses.


We had to hike a ways to reach the two houses.


Great view from what was once a deck over looking the water.


Large main living space.


Cool fireplace.  See where the wall of windows used to be on the right?

Just beyond the tip of Great Harbour Cay is Great Stirrup Cay with a spot where the cruise ships park for the day and let their passengers off for lunch on the beach and a bit of beach fun. Each morning we see the Parasailing boats and Glass Bottom tour boats leaving our harbour and heading north along the island, they come here to entertain cruise ship passengers for the day. We tried to get across the sand flats to get closer to the cruise ship, but the tide was falling and we didn’t make it in time. We struggled to drag our boats for a bit, but the water almost completely disappeared and we finally gave up and headed home.


Very shallow.


Brian found a starfish.


Tim doesn’t seem to mind that I’m still in the dinghy as he drags it.


Doesn’t matter that our mission was a failure, Tim still had a great time.

As it was a Monday night, there was the weekly potluck cruisers dinner at the marina! I had baked Tim a chocolate cake that morning (super fancy Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake Mix, with chocolate frosting!) and brought the cake and some grilled meat to the party. Apparently there was another birthday to be celebrated as well, Phyllis has the same birthday as Tim and they sat together at the special birthday table. Phyllis got to wear a crown and someone had brought her a cake too.


Phyllis wearing her tiara. 


The box cake I made for Tim.


Guess whose cake?


Tim even got a birthday card from Brian & Jane!  Who has cards on their boat?  Amazing.

It was an exceptionally special birthday celebrated with new friends, but very much missing friends and family back home.

A few days later it was time for us to move further south after 10 days in Great Harbour Cay, which means we had to say goodbye to Mar-a-Largo as they would be heading north to the Abacos.  Brian and Jane have been so generous to us and we will miss travelling with them.  Happily, they live in Toronto so a reunion is guaranteed.


Tim, Jane, Me & Brian – We’ll miss you guys!!!!

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