Cruising Plans are written in the sand


“Cruising plans are written in the sand at low tide”…this is a very popular adage in the world we live in and it’s been VERY true for us.  We’ve made all sorts of plans in the last six months and it seems that five minutes later we’re changing them.

For instance…  When we left Toronto, we had hoped to be in the Bahamas for Christmas, but that didn’t happen.  In November we made an unplanned trip home and following our return to the boat we had an ongoing, difficult to resolve, dinghy engine issue.  These two events slowed our progress down and forced us to change our plans.  Because of these two events – three amazing things happened.  We made new and amazing friends with the crew of Scheherazade, we were able to spend Christmas Week with Scheherazade, Mighty Fine and Stray Cat (how lucky we were!) and ended up in Bimini at the same time as Mar-a-Largo in January, who we’d last seen two months prior!  If we hadn’t been delayed, these wonderful things wouldn’t have happened and I am so grateful for these changes and delays that altered our plans.

Good things can happen when you change your plans.

Our original “big” plan was to spend the winter in the Bahamas and if we liked cruising (and the money held out) we’d go further south and *maybe* summer in Grenada during hurricane season.  As fate would have it, that’s not happening and it’s not because we don’t like cruising  or because we ran out of money (not quite yet at least…).

Back in February, Tim and I were sitting in the cockpit, looking out over the beautiful aquamarine water surrounding us in the Exuma Island chain and trying to work out what we were going to do for the summer and hurricane season.  Do we head south to Grenada, Island of Spice?  Head north to the Chesapeake and explore an area we rushed through last fall? Or make for the Dominican Republic and spend the summer/fall in the Caribbean’s best hurricane hole?  All the considered locations have benefits and drawbacks.  I think Tim was leaning towards the DR and I was torn between heading back to the US and moving forward to the DR.  And then I got a Facebook message… My former boss, colleague and friend sent me the following…

Hi Karen! How are you?!!! Are you loving your trip? Any chance you might be interested in some work remotely? Like, from your boat?  

I was kinda surprised that my immediate reaction was – YES!!  Taking a job would definitely change our cruising plans, but the unexpected income would be a huge blessing for us.  To make a long story short, it turned out the contract would need to be done from Toronto, but as it was only 10 weeks long, Tim and I decided it was a good move and I should take the job.  Less than 3 weeks later, on March 10th, I was on a plane to Toronto.  Working was definitely not in the plan, but again, the benefits and opportunities have been huge.

FullSizeRender (4)

I was home for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary!  (photo credit to my sister Rachel)


I once again had the priviledge of working for a company I love with people I respect and enjoy being with.


I was extremely lucky to be able to spend the weekend in Grand Bend on Lake Huron, with my best girlfriends from high school.


And the time spent with my nieces and nephews was priceless. (Best bed head ever!)


A final road trip to CT and NYC was the icing on the cake.  (sorry no photos, they are MIA)

There were so many dinners, lunches, movies and wine drinking with countless treasured and supportive friends.  All of whom made me feel so proud to have cast off the dock lines to follow our travel dreams.

I’m now back with Tim (and Poppy) in the Bahamas and its amazing to be back on the boat and home again.  I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to have spent time in Toronto visiting with friends and family and earning some cruising $$.





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