Life in the fruit bowl


Sunday’s forecast: Wind 9 knots, ESE all day with overcast skies, little chance of rain and a high of 33 (that’s 91 for my American friends).

I slept in the salon Saturday night until the mosquitoes started buzzing in my ear at day break, that’s when I moved to the cockpit.  I started out in the aft cabin, but when I woke in the middle of the night and realized how bloody hot it was in there, I had to get out. As I lay in the pre-sunrise twilight under the bimini, I listened for the dolphins arriving.  They’ve been coming by the boat most morning for the last week.  You hear them before you see them as they let out a short explosive “chuff” sound which leads to us jumping to our feet and running up and down the deck looking to see where they went.  They are on the surface for such a short period of time, if you’re not quick they dive and are gone.  Saturday we were lucky as one spend a period of time scratching it’s back on the mooring line of the ball behind us.  Dolphins are a great way to start the morning.

We’ve started to find our routine again, listening to the weather in the mornings and making the day’s plans accordingly.  Is the harbour too choppy to go to town today?  If no, then we better go today and get some chores done as later in the week, we won’t be able to go without getting wet.  While very small, George Town has lots of services to offer.  A choice of laundry mats, liquor stores, grocery stores (2!), gift shopping opportunities, propane on Wednesdays and several bars and restaurants offering music a few times a week.  If you buy a beer or even a bottle of water, you can use the free wifi at Red Boone Cafe, they even have power points for your laptop. This is luxury.

Since we went to town on Saturday and have all the supplies we need for the next 5 or more days, we’ll spend some time today prepping the boat for our next move.  We plan  to leave George Town next weekend and start heading north.  Hurricane season is officially here and we need to be mindful of where we are and where we’re going.  The Chesapeake Bay is the current plan, but we’ll take our time getting there.

Yesterday was our last day on our mooring in the fruit bowl.  It’s called the fruit bowl because of the numerous house boats in the morning field; Tangelo, Mango, Pineapple and Cantaloupe.


Mooring field off Chat n’ Chill – The fruit bowl is to the left.

We put Grace on a mooring ball here back in March while I went home to work so Tim wouldn’t have to worry about moving the boat if bad weather came.  The moorings are well maintained and located in one of the better protected areas of Elizabeth Harbour.  I’ve been back a week now and have come to love our little neighbourhood.  We won’t be moving far, but it’s time to stop paying rent and get back on the hook.

We hope that by moving out of our protected bay, we might get some more airflow through the boat and then maybe I will be able to sleep in my bed for the whole night.


Houseboats for rent – fancy a vacation in the fruit bowl?


Chat n’ Chill Beach

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