Tim & Karen

We have spent the last two years (2013-2015) living aboard and sailing Lake Ontario on our 1988 Moody 376 from our home port in Toronto, Canada with our Yellow Labrador, Poppy onboard.



I’m a television producer focusing mostly on lifestyle television in recent years.  Tim is a carpenter/contractor and runs a successful independent renovation company.

We have many passions including sailing, travel, renovating houses and are small time real estate investors.

Tim started sailing as a young teenager, he taught sailing on Lake Ontario and for one summer, was a general manager of a local sailing club.  In the early days, I was a reluctant sailor, but Tim’s patience paid off and now I am the architect behind our grand plans.  

Tim’s parents are the inspiration for our travels.  They sailed away on their Northern 29  sailboat to sail the Caribbean in 1987 (before GPS!).  Eventually they sailed to Newfoundland in a Northern 37, crossed the Atlantic ocean and sailed the Mediterranean Sea for more than 8 years.  We’ve been inspired by how little you need to live a rich life.  If we only travel 1/100th of the seas Tim’s parents have traveled, we’ll consider ourselves very lucky.

In order to make our sailing dreams come true, we have worked hard to find a way to find a way to fund this mad dream.  In 2010 we split our single family home into two independent apartments after hosting international students during the previous year for extra income. This allowed us to earn more money with less work from the same property (ie we didn’t have to cook dinner for our students and help them with their English homework!)  A few years later we bought a second duplex property to grow to our mini property empire.  After three great years, in 2014, we decided to sell the second house and invest the profits in other real estate opportunities that required less day to day management.  Now that we live full time on our boat, we rent out our original duplex and hire property mangers to keep it running, allowing us to keep a foothold in the Toronto real estate market so we always have a place to come home to.

Our plan (as of 2015) is to travel from Toronto to the Bahamas and spend a winter away from the snow and ice of Canada.  If we love the cruising life and our real estate investments hold up, we’re open to further sailing adventures.

UPDATE June 2016 

We made it to George Town, Exumas for our first cruising season!  Our next plan is to head to the Abacos for some early summer cruising and then to the Chesapeake Bay for the late summer and fall hurricane season.  We plan to cruise further south into the Caribbean in the winter of 2017.

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